Preparing For the Big Move

This is my first article on my new blog.

After living most of my life in New York City, I have decided to move to Colombia where I was born. This blog will be about my experiences moving from NYC to Colombia and about my experiences in Colombia once I arrive.

house_moveI’ve been considering this move for a long time, it was really just a matter of actually telling myself and convincing myself that it’s a good decision and and having some type of support behind it. Both my parents live in Colombia, although they are divorced. I spoke to my father about it and he agreed to let me live with him in the spare room he has available.

I’m 34 and after many years I finally graduated with a B.A. in communication last year.  I currently work for a wine importer as an office assistant but I feel like I could be doing more with my life. The Colombian government just launched an initiative to improve the English-language skill of Colombians so I have decided to complete my CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) and teach English. I’ve never taught any subject before so this will be a new experience for me, but I’m looking forward to it.

Colombia-MapIn addition, my father is an English-Spanish translator and considering I’ve always had an interest in languages and I minored in Spanish, I feel this could be an additional source of income for me since I speak both languages. At some point I’d like to complete a certificate in translation to understand the basics and theory of translation work.

In addition, I’m considering going to grad school in Europe where tuition is still free for students, even international ones. Not all countries in Europe offer free tuition, but there are a few that still do such as Germany, Norway and Iceland.  There are a couple of Colombian organizations, namely ICETEX and ColFuturo, that have agreements with international universities that consist of scholarships, grants and loans that can be used for these universities. I’m currently doing my research into the different programs offered.

So that’s the general over view of my future plans!


3 thoughts on “Preparing For the Big Move

  1. I am sure you are in for a great ride- change is always good and returning to you roots will be no doubt a great experience. I am sure you will make a great contribution to you native country


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