Planning a Move Overseas

Planning a move overseas takes months of planning. I assume if someone is moving because their company is sending them overseas to work they most likely hired an overseas moving company that does most of the work and planning for them.

Some of us, like me, don’t have that luxury and have to plan this type of move alone.  So what’s on my list of tasks to complete for the move?

Sell everything I own.  This includes furniture and personal belongings that I don’t really need. I’ve already completed this step. Last week Saturday I had a stoop sale and sold most of my belongings such as kitchen items, fashion jewelry, movies, clothing & shoes, etc.  The sale went pretty well EXCEPT for my clothing and shoes which barely moved. Truth be told, I’ve been a size 0 most of my life and I wear size 6 in footwear.  Most of the population is much larger than I am so I understand why my clothing didn’t move.  I packed up 5 bags of clothing and donated it. I also tried to sell most of my furniture on craigslist. I got rid of a few things but I ended up throwing out my sofa, wall unit and speakers (all of which were close to 15 years old).  I was hoping to sell my computer desk which was less than 3 years old, but no one bought it and it ended up getting thrown out as well.

Move out of my apartment.  This one is key mostly because I live in New York City, which, as I’m sure you’re all aware, is a very expensive city.  It simply would have been impossible to save up at all while continuing to pay my landlord rent and paying utility bills.  So last Monday I  temporarily moved in with two married friends in New Jersey who have a spare bedroom.  They are kind enough to let me stay with them. By September I hope to move into my uncle’s spare bedroom after his son moves out.

piggybankMinimize financials (merge bank accounts).  I currently have a checking, 2 savings and a business checking (sole proprietorship) with Bank of America. I think this is too many accounts and after looking up online banks I’m planning on opening an account with Ally and transferring my funds to just one account, which should be much more manageable.

Ship some personal belongings ahead of time.  I’m pretty lucky that I have an aunt who works for a Colombian shipping company and I can just send all the boxes through her.  It is still going to cost me a pretty penny but this is an area that I barely have to think about. I will be moving in with my father and I’m planning on shipping out the boxes about one month before my departure so that they arrive around the same time as I do.

If you were moving overseas (or if you HAVE moved overseas) what are the items you would take with you? What areas of your life would you really have to focus on to make the transition smoother?


13 thoughts on “Planning a Move Overseas

  1. What things to carry in a move out- depends where is the relocation. I recently had an inter-city move out . City i moved into is a Metro city with all facilities. All i carried with me- were my clothes. Rest i decided to pick up from the new city stores..


    • Yup that’s basically all I”m taking, some clothing, shoes, handbags and important documents. As far as what I’m sending ahead, that’s going to be my desktop computer with 2 monitors, family photo albums and a couple other small items.


  2. i’m excited for you! when moving abroad, the important things to do are:
    1. bring important docs
    2. travel light
    3. don’t forget your first aid kit
    4. bring a map
    5. research about the place and be always vigilant
    6. look forward to great opportunities ahead.


    • I made the decision to NOT take anything with me because I plan to start fresh and dragging all my stuff with me is really counter intuitive. In the end, it’s all just stuff and things and more stuff and more things. I’m looking forward to living a simpler life without so much stuff and things!


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