My Life Fits into Four Boxes

That’s right, after selling everything I own and packing up what I’m sending ahead of me to Colombia, it looks like everything I own fits into four cardboard boxes and two suitcases which are the ones I’m keeping and flying out with.

Two of them are desktop computer sized boxes since since one of them actually contains my desktop computer and peripherals along with a few other items I was able to squeeze in.  The second computer sized box contains items such as five photo albums (which took up the most space), my college degrees and school documents, a monitor, a couple of small kitchen items, a few miscellaneous items.

The other two boxes are taller but a bit narrow and they contain the rest of my clothing and shoes, handbags, hangers, another monitor and Nintendo Wii U.  That’s right, I need to play some Mario Kart even in Colombia!

So how much is all this costing me? Well I’m shipping my boxes through the company my aunt works for since they are a cargo company that ships to Colombia.  The total cost to ship four boxes with insurance came out to… wait for it… $507 USD.

That is actually not that bad considering that they charge based on the size of the box and not by weight. The box could weigh 5lbs or 500lbs and it would cost the same.

Box 1: $70

Box 2: $90

Box 3: $150

Box 4: $150jetblue-airways-logo-primary

Plus a little extra to insure the boxes.

Total for two suitcases on Jetblue (JFK-FLL): $0.

    • Jetblue gives you one free checked bag and one free carry on bag.

Large suitcase weighed 58lbs. Was told by the ticket agent she won’t charge me for the extra weight.

Total for two suitcases on Spirit (FLL-AXM): $70spirit

  • Spirit charges for EVERYTHING. The first checked bag was $30 and I could have either taken my carry-on sized suitcase on the plane as a carry-on for a $35 fee or I could have checked it for $40. I said screw it and checked it for the $40. That way I don’t have to lift a heavy ass suitcase over my head and into the overhead bin.

I rearranged the large suitcase overnight since I stayed with a friend in Florida. Thankfully her mother also flew in that night and had some Space Saver bags with her so I moved some of the heavier stuff into the smaller suitcase.  When I got to the airport the next day the large one ended up weighing 52lbs which is 6lbs less than it weighed the day before, but still overweight by 12lbs since Spirit’s limit is 40lbs.  Thankfully, yet again, the ticket agent told me she would combine the weight of both suit cases and not charge extra since being over by 12lbs means I would have had to pay an extra $50!!

All in all I think I got off pretty easy with my suitcases and the fact that the container shipping company I used to send myself my things charges by size of box and not weight is also a huge plus.  So let’s take a final look at the total breakdown:

4 Boxes: $507
2 Suitcases: $70

TOTAL: $577


4 thoughts on “My Life Fits into Four Boxes

  1. Wow, I am new to your blog so I am not sure why you are moving to Colombia, but best of luck to you. That is terrific about the baggage and the cost of shipping your belongings and for your luggage. I always find it fascinating to read about people moving abroad and their adventures. I look forward to reading more.


    • I moved because I got tired of my life in NYC and to join my father in his translation business and to teach English. I basically gave everything up except things I needed such as clothing and my computer with monitors. I also plan on going to grad school in Europe next year so this is a great way for me to save up before grad school.


  2. WOW WHAT AN ADVENTURE!!! I have no idea why you’re moving either… but what an adventure. I hope you are picking up everything you own for something GOOD and BEAUTIFUL. How exciting. I hope you are thrilled at all the POSSIBILITIES that await you.


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