My Life Fits into Four Boxes

That’s right, after selling everything I own and packing up what I’m sending ahead of me to Colombia, it looks like everything I own fits into four cardboard boxes and two suitcases which are the ones I’m keeping and flying out with.

Two of them are desktop computer sized boxes since since one of them actually contains my desktop computer and peripherals along with a few other items I was able to squeeze in.  The second computer sized box contains items such as five photo albums (which took up the most space), my college degrees and school documents, a monitor, a couple of small kitchen items, a few miscellaneous items.

The other two boxes are taller but a bit narrow and they contain the rest of my clothing and shoes, handbags, hangers, another monitor and Nintendo Wii U.  That’s right, I need to play some Mario Kart even in Colombia!

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